1. Facilities And Resources

Self-Access Centre

One of the main objectives of all our programs is to promote students’ independent learning. The Self-Access Centre (SAC), which is being expanded, is an excellent place to provide the opportunity for this. The SAC is open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm on weekdays and from 7:30 am to 11:30 am on Saturdays. The SAC assists you to overcome your language and content area difficulties. You can spend your free time by reading books, magazines, periodicals and other reference materials. You can also have discussions with friends or sometimes with lecturers, listen to the radio or tapes, watch news or videos in English. The Teacher’s Reference Library (TRL) is for lecturers’ use only. And the MA section in the SAC is for MA students only.

DOE Learning Support Unit

DOE Learning Support Unit consists of a group of lecturers, from Department of  English,  who  dedicate  their  time  to  provide  consultation  services  and assistance to students. Currently, this unit organizes workshops of various academic topics to help the students to maximize their learning. Moreover, this unit also offers mentor programs for students who have low academic performance.

Internet Facilities

Internet and word processing are available on the ground floor (behind room 03 with reasonable fees.

Language Laboratories

Students and lecturers have access to a wide range of resources in our two Language Laboratories, which are funded by the Japanese government. These include video shows, slide and PowerPoint presentations, and listening- interpretation resources.

2. Using The Facilities And Resources

All IFL buildings have been maintained in very good condition. It is, therefore, very important that everyone take pride in the institute so that it can be kept in its present condition. It is expected that everyone using it will have respect for the property and consideration for others by looking after the building and its facilities. The following points must be observed:

1. Toilets

Use the toilets which are assigned for your use. Certain toilets are reserved for staff and for female students only. Please show consideration for others by using the facilities properly and making sure that you leave the toilet clean for the next person.

2. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.

3. Spitting

No spitting is allowed anywhere inside the building or on the terraces.

4. Eating

Students are not permitted to consume any food, even chewing gums, in classrooms. Food must be consumed in the canteen behind the main building of IFL (Building E).

5. Rubbish

Always use the bins provided for rubbish. Please show responsibility and consideration for others by keeping all classrooms and common areas clean and tidy. To achieve this, you must use fewer tissues at the canteen and not write, draw or paint anything on classroom or toilet walls, chairs, and tables.

6. Parking

Students are not permitted to park under Building E or in front of Building G. These areas are reserved for staff only. Secure parking for motorbikes  is  available  behind  Building  B;  and  parking  for  cars  is available behind Building A, in front of Building B, and behind Building C. If you use any other areas for parking, no responsibility will be taken for your vehicle and motorcycle/bicycle loss or damage. Please observe all traffic rules and follow all signs on the campus.

7. Property damage

All furniture and facilities are now in good condition. Please treat them with care and respect. Students who cause damage to them will be asked to pay the cost of replacement or repair.

3. Campus View

ifl library
ifl library